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Looking for Easter Games or fun alternatives to chocolate this Easter? Here are some wonderful choices to help you share the love without the sugar high:

  • Gift a new bub their very first (crinkle) egg
  • Have an Easter Puzzle Hunt (yup - a puzzle hunt) - have your mini find all the hiding pieces to a puzzle and then put the puzzle together! Once they complete the puzzle they can have a Chocolate Easter Egg (if you so wish)
  • Instead of buying a plastic tub or basket for the kids egg hunt, gift them one of our Erzi Crates that they can collect their eggs in. This way, it can be reused in their kitchen play for years to come.
  • Like the idea of an egg hunt, but not the idea off all the sugar that's involved? Have kids hunt for wooden eggs or wooden balls instead! Then at the end, gift each child one larger chocolate egg to help ease the sugar consumption.
  • Why not wrap your choccies or present in a Playsilk instead of a bag that eventually gets thrown away - it's the ultimate open ended toy.
  • Have everyone make their own paper Easter Hats and decorate them with our Dot Markers as a fun creative Activity. All you need is a printout, scissors and Dot Markers.
  • Start a tradition where all the children draw on one glass panel of a sliding door or window using our Kitpas Crayons and take a photo year after year in front of their creation to capture those incredible family memories.
  • Are you hosting Easter this year and have a plethora of younger and older children? Create 4 teams of mixed ages that need to find their corresponding coloured hidden stacking stones. The first team to complete their stack wins a lucky dip prize (this could be a bubble gun, butterfly wings - your imagination can run wild here!)
  • As above, but with older kids (4yrs+ as to avoid chocking hazards), create 4-5 teams that need to find their corresponding hidden crystal gems. These are smaller and harder to find. The first team to complete their stack wins a lucky dip (this could be Pokemon Cards, lip balms, pencils or crayons - your imagination can run wild here!)
  • Know a mini with a play kitchen? Then gift our incredible wooden fruits and vegetables or our amazing felt bakery goods and have them serve you up an Easter Feast!
  • Use our heavenly scented play dough to design your own Easter Egg Creations!

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