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Stage based play essentials curated to support your little ones development through each important growth stage so they can learn whilst they play. Broken down into important developmental windows, we have created beautiful playkits that are tailored to the exact developmental stages of your minis.

We created these kits to reflect the values of Saint Lenny: to be incredibly beautiful, purposeful, quality focused and to essentially take the guesswork out for new parents.


What makes our playkits different to the others on the market?

  • We don't just focus on Montessori Teachings like most other subscription boxes - our kits can include elements from all the learning philosophies, giving our boxes a more universal application to everyday life.
  • We only use name branded toys & essentials to create our kits. This means the items that form part of our kits are from companies recognised worldwide.
  • We only include the toys and essentials you need, and in most cases, the items are transferable between developmental stages.
  • Our kits take the guesswork out of what to buy - especially if you are a new parent trying to figure out what is necessary or where to start.
  • Unlike other subscription companies that lock you in, here at Saint Lenny you have the flexibility to purchase on an as needs basis. Buy the box you want, when you want.
  • Oh - and most importantly, by buying our curated boxes, you save 10% on the overall cost as opposed to buying each item individually on our site
  • You pay one flat delivery rate of $15 Australia Wide, $25 to NZ and $37 to the EU and USA.

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