Our top 10 baby essentials (that we don't sell on our site!)

We hear you - why are we promoting other brands on here? Isn't that counter productive?

Actually no! We may be small here at Saint Lenny, but ultimately this lovely little shop is about community, and community looks to its village to help. So if you're a new parent, firstly CONGRATULATIONS!

Secondly, thank you for visiting our shop! We genuinely hope you will find a few treasures amongst our product offering. If you are after something specific and can't find it, or need a little guidance, please send us an email and we will happily help.

Thirdly, here are our top-10 must-have products for newborns and beyond that we personally used for both of our daughters and absolutely swear by (but aren't products what we offer in our little shop)!

Whist some of the below can be quite pricey, they are genuine investments and are items we have used multiple times a day every day for the past 3 years across 2 children. The quality is phenomenal and ties in with the Saint Lenny ethos - buy once, buy well and make it last through multiple children.





1: STRUCKET Bucket - $60

The best thing since sliced bread when it comes to soaking soiled newborn clothes! This concept is both Australian made and designed and is so simple yet so powerful. Simply pop soiled clothing into the bucket to soak, when your ready to wash, strain & drain without ever touching the dirty water! Genius.


2: The OUCHIE POUCHIE by Mama Fox - starting from $35

Once again, another incredible Australian brand doing the simple things really well. Little ones always fall over, graze a knee and need lots of cuddles to feel better. The Ouchie Pouchie is their new comforter when they hurt themselves. We bought the 2-pack and quickly went back for more once we realised just how amazing these were!  We now have a pair at Nonna's house and a set at Yiayia's house (that's grandma & grandpa for the non-Italians & Greeks). They are in the freezer ready to help out with scratches, tumbles and falls.


3: GLOW DREAMING - from $99

We have used this every single day since we purchased it. The Red Light, Humidifier and Pink Noise all in conjunction worked a treat on both our daughters. The red light not only helps little ones dose away, but it is essential for those late night nappy changes when you don't want to turn on the light. Simply switch from Red Setting 1 to red Setting 3 and you will be able to see everything without the harshness of adjusting to white light! The pink noise is wonderful for day time naps when toddlers are screaming through the hallway and it helps drown out noise so your little one can sleep through just about anything. The humidifier is a wonderful way to add moisture into the air, especially in winter and the green light will come into play when our little ones start school and need light therapy to assists with homework and concentration.



If your little one is being formula fed, this machine is a life-saver at 3am when bub is screaming the neighbourhood down. Milk perfectly mixed at the right temperature - ready in 15 seconds! This machine, whilst incredibly costly, has paid itself 10,000 times over and can not recommend enough!


5: Phillips AVENT Electric Steam Steriliser - $139

Whether you exclusively pump, or formula feed, this slimline and super quick steriliser was absolutely wonderful. It was passed onto us by a friend whom had used it for her 2 children and it has now been used by us for our 2 - proving that buying & investing in quality items is definitely worth it! We sterilised pacifiers, pacifier chains, bottles & teets, silicone utensils and even our ABS plastic toys (these types of quality and good plastics can withstand heat unlike other plastics).





6. The CRUMPLER All In Bag - $249

We bought this Australian "baby bag" with the frame of mind that it could be used by both hubby & myself as it is not too "girly or baby-baggish". Being a backpack also meant it would be really comfortable to carry, could be taken on a plane easily and eventually - when the babes became toddlers - could be the "family backpack" for outings or holidays. It has it's own padded baby change mat, multiple storage pockets both inside and outside for bottles, crayons, books and clothes and has plenty of smaller zip compartments and easily accessible sections for phones, ipads and wipes. It has a large removable Adjustable Carry Strap as well as backpack straps that all boast extra padding & is super comfortable to carry & wear for prolonged periods of time. We personally used the Long Strap to loop the backpack onto our pram. Most importantly though, it has a "soiled" compartment at the base of the bag, that is separate to the main section of the bag for dirty clothes, bibs and the likes. It has been our most versatile purchase and we absolutely LOVE it.


7. Insulated Square Lunch Bag

We personally used a gorgeous Mozi Australia insulated square lunchbag that could keep all of our poptops and snacks and sandwiches cold on our outtings (with the help of a slimline iceblock inside) , but there are some other incredible Australian brands (like The Somewhere Co) who have some awesome prints! Invest in a decent sized pack that is separate to your baby essentials bag with a handle so it can be clipped to your pram or popped into your understorage basket for easy access without having to always pry open your baby bag.


8. Tomme Tippee Bottle Warmer - $30

This is such a clever little thermo! Not only is it a great size to carry around, but it's dual purpose - it is also a food warmer! For on the go feeds, you can top up pre-made baby bottles with boiling water to get them to the right temperature and can fill the "outter plastic warming cup" with a little hot water to then place your bottle into it to keep it warm! It was a life saver for us in winter as it would keep our little ones milk nice and warm between burps. It is also wonderful for warming up food pouches! Simply pour some hot water into the cup, pop your pouch in the water and wait 5 minutes for it to warm up! Very convenient for when you are out and about!




9. Roger Armstrong OKBaby Onda Bath - $65

This portable bathtub is the biggest baby bath on the market and is the absolute bees knees! It is a tub that grows with bub and can be used from birth through to 3years old! Our 2 year old would sit in the "deep end" whilst our newborn lay on the inclined infant seat and help us bathe her - it was amazing! It's a wonderful investment as it offers support to your little one as they transition from laying down to sitting up to independently washing themselves. It has a super easy to use draining hole, silicon grip mat in the infant seat and a built in thermometer to help you get the temperature right every time! Whilst yes, it is the largest baby bath tub on the market, it did fit nice and snuggly in our own small bathtub but it is also is a great fit in showers (our is 1200*900mm and still has room around it comfortably.)


10: Snotty Noses - $84.95

OK, this one is a little bit of a cheat as it is not just for bath time - but, we found it's a wonderful tool to introduce to our young ones after a bath when their sinuses are ripe for cleaning. Admittedly, this isn't the easiest resource to introduce as babies and toddlers don't really like the feeling of foreign objects in their nose, but this is also an effective and gentle way to remove mucus and sort out runny noses in a jiffy. Our 3 year old uses it on herself now and our 1 year old leans in to have her nose cleared when she sees it. It does take time, but it is worth the perseverance & investment.


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